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Experts in high quality PET bottle recycling

Tackling some of the modern world’s biggest challenges through high quality PET plastic bottle recycling. At Pro Environmental, we are on a mission. To provide the highest grade recycled PET product to the class A food and beverage sector. Better still, our circular economy ethos ensures that our product is sold back into the UK markets – further increasing sustainability and defining our purpose.

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Keeping a Circular Economy


The PET bottle will be sent to a recycling depot from local waste and separated from other recycled materials.

Purchase and Recycle

Pro-Environmental Ltd purchase thousands of tonnes of recycled PET bottles each year and then put them through our system.

Transport to Pro-Environmental

The recycled materials are transported from our fully vetted UK suppliers to our site in Rochester, Kent ready to be processed.

Collection and Sort

The PET plastic bottles are put through a rigorous seperation process that includes removing contaminents such as aluminum.

Shred and Wash

We shred the PET bottles into flakes before cleaning the PET flakes through a rigorous three stage cleaning process.

Melt and Mould

The PET flakes go to a UK based supplier to the food and beverage market, where they are melted into sheets and then moulded for their next commercial use.


The new fresh commercial bottles are finally rebranded and filled with their new product ready for human use in the UK once again.

Finished Product

The product is consumed by a user, who, once finished with will place the product responsibly into a recycling bin.

We are proud to be ISO accredited

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

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