PET plastic is the most common packaging for soft drinks. According to the British Plastics Federation, 70% of the UK’s soft drinks are packaged in PET plastic. The 100% recyclable plastic has lots of benefits that make it attractive to consumers and manufacturers. While PET is the plastic of choice for soft drinks, the majority of product packaging is made from other plastics. Here are 5 ways PET plastic benefits you and the environment:

100% recyclable

An issue with recycling plastic packaging is that some components aren’t recyclable. You may be able to recycle the plastic tray but the lid or film are non-recyclable. This often prevents recycling or disposing of of the packaging correctly. Consumers don’t want to spend time dismantling components before throwing them in the recycling bin. PET simplifies the process as consumers are more likely to recycle a whole product. This means less plastic ends up in landfill or incineration.


When you dispose of PET plastic correctly it can be recycled to make more PET plastic products. The product lifecycle is continuous and doesn’t lead to plastic waste. PET plastic is a sustainable packaging solution with a lower carbon footprint than other plastics. PET requires less energy to produce than new plastics. This can help suppliers and manufacturers save money and reduce their energy consumption.

Safe for food and beverages

PET plastic is a safe and hygienic packaging solution. PET’s composition means it doesn’t react with food or liquids that come in contact. It’s resistant to attacks from microorganisms making it a stable and risk-free material. PET is approved by health and safety boards. They include the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). PET is a solution for brands wanting to meet sustainability targets and appeal to conscious consumers.

Lighter than alternative materials

PET plastic is a lightweight alternative to packaging such as glass and cartons. Glass and cartons hold the risk of breaking when consumers are on the go. Despite its weight, PET is strong and can withstand a large amount of weight without damaging. This makes PET the go-to packaging choice for the FMCG market. Its weight means PET requires less energy to produce; further reducing carbon emissions.


The known benefits of PET are educating brands and consumers on how to improve their sustainability. Brands have a high standard of care to uphold and must set an example within the industry. Using a sustainable resource such as PET will contribute to the improvement of our environment. Big brands implementing sustainable practices will encourage consumers to improve their habits too.

PET has many benefits for consumers, manufacturers and the environment. Being 100% recyclable and reusable means the FMCG market can work towards using PET for their plastic packaging. If manufacturers adopt the use of recycled PET, we can close the loop and reduce demand for new plastics.

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