We are proud to be ISO accredited

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

This accreditation focuses on Quality Management Systems for improving and monitoring our business across all functions.
This has given us complete systems that suit our teams internally and support our processes, ensuring quality remains at the forefront of our ethos. Through receiving this accreditation, all areas of Pro Environmental have seen great benefit of having consistent processes to follow that are tried and tested, but also support the quality of our product.

The accreditation itself focuses on efficiency and productivity; two keywords that our processes require in order for us to be sustainable in our own business whilst providing the best PET products to our customers. It also reduces wastage which enables us to minimise environmental harm.

As a globally recognised standard that our internal management and teams meet, we have the capability to provide consistent measured outcomes which is a key factor in our consistent evolving processes to stay ahead within our market.

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ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Sustainable ethics are deeply rooted within Pro Environmental Ltd. It’s important to not just our board of directors but every employee in our company. This value is mirrored in the ISO 14001 accreditation, which doesn’t just benefit the environment, but also helps us to reduce our costs and improve efficiency through enhanced processes.

Having a systematic approach to compliance has improved the trust from both our employees and our customers, and we are now widely recognised as an environmentally friendly organisation.

We also hope this reinforces our commitment to not only a sustainable environment, but an improved one. We are always forward thinking about the future, so it’s important we are planning for then, not now.

Through cost savings in energy consumption and wastage, we are reinvesting into our machinery and internal processes to continually focus on quality products that also support our circular economy mindset.

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ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Due to the nature of the work that we do at Pro Environmental, health and safety is paramount in our daily operations. The ISO 45001 accreditation sets and confirms our standard for occupational health and safety.

Ensuring our workplace is safe, happy and productive is key to our continued success. Being recognised with this accreditation shows that we are ahead of the market on an international scale. Our staff morale is unrivalled and continuing to improve these standards will support us further.

This accreditation doesn’t just focus on us as an organisation, but also our individuals. This means there is no overseeing from management, and all risks are identified and addressed.

Having the in-house skill set to detect future risks and prevent them will keep us running efficiently and help us with growth. It’s a real asset and something we take seriously as part of our corporate social responsibility moving forward.

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Environment Agency logo

Waste Management Licence

As a company that carries out recycling, having a waste management licence is important to us. It displays compliance with our environmental regulator and shows that Pro Environmental comply with waste management conditions. We are also understanding that we must follow a duty of care towards waste management, clearly displaying that we can segregate and store waste in a safe place. Individuals that can handle our waste are also tracked.

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Health & Safety at Work Act logo

Health and Safety policy

The law says that every company must have a policy for managing health and safety. This policy sets out our general approach to health and safety and explains how we, as an employer, will manage health and safety in our company. This is shared with our employees who all go through training as they join Pro Environmental, to ensure complete transparency and understanding.

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Environmental Policy Logo

Environmental policy

We have a strong commitment at Pro Environmental to ensure that we are continually improving and monitoring our environmental performance. Keeping our product with the UK economy, along with managing our environmental impacts is business-critical for us. Complying with legislations, ensuring our team is fully trained and setting external expectations with suppliers and sub-contractors are all an important part of our policy.

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