Our Products

The products sold by Pro Environmental Ltd come from our vetted preferred suppliers in the UK only with our focus being on a completely traceable circular economy strictly within the UK. We manufacture our rPET materials from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled PET bottles.

Clear hot washed flake

Our clear hot washed flake is available in both clear and mixed colour variants. As always, our products are both sourced and used comprehensively in the UK food and beverage market. It’s both an environmentally and economically friendly choice to reduce carbon footprint through these materials but to also have peace of mind on full traceability throughout the UK.

Jazz hot washed flake

The jazz hot washed flake produced by Pro Environmental Ltd comes from 100% UK sources as part of our circular economical values. It comes from PET packaging following consumer use and can be provided in mixed colours. We use our best practice, industry accredited sort and wash process to produce our jazz hot washed flake materials and are predominantly for fibre and automotive requirements such as clothing, car mats & black trays.

PP/HD cap regrind

This is a regrind made up of bottle caps from PET bottle waste. Through our sink/float tank separation process, we ensure that we prevent contamination with PET recycling. This regrind can be used for applications such as injection moulding, rigid packaging, outdoor furniture and flooring.