Quality Assurance

The most important part of our process

Our Process

At Pro Environmental Ltd, we understand the true importance of high quality rPET products. We also understand the wastage costs of contaminated plastics if not recycled properly, which can cause a huge barrier. Our quality assurance starts before our PET bottles arrive from our suppliers, right the way through to our final bagged rPET flake. The focus is always on quality and minimising contamination so that we can continue generating a consistent supply of materials to our customers.


All bottles sources from you.

The traceability of all plastic PET waste that Pro Environmental recycles is paramount and of prime importance to us as responsible waste managers. We also consistently aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

We record information as we collect, shred and sell our materials to emphasise this consistency. When it comes to creating a circular economy, this is key. The collection, treatment, and sale of our materials are subject to our own strict traceability requirements.

At Pro Environmental, we have the know-how to reliably track all of the waste we handle, at all stages of the treatment chain. We have developed a management system that meets regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers by providing reports, real-time information, and production information for all of our PET materials.

High tech machinery

At Pro Environmental, we are committed to continued investment in the latest technological advances and machinery to further enhance our operations. We aim to optimise production and our output, without ever compromising on the quality of our products and we will make decisions with our product and customers at the heart. The machinery that we have invested in to date has boosted our productivity whilst making a positive contribution to the economy and minimising environmental harm.

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