Experts in high quality PET bottle recycling


Tackling some of the modern world’s biggest challenges through high quality PET plastic bottle recycling. At Pro Environmental, we are on a mission. To provide the highest grade recycled PET product to the class A food and beverage sector. Better still, our circular economy ethos ensures that our product is sold back into the UK markets – further increasing sustainability and defining our purpose.

At a critical time for our environment, we have the power to reduce new plastic that is produced and consumed. Using rPET wherever possible will help manufacturers and suppliers close the loop and reduce the demand for new plastic on the market.

Core Values


We will constantly evolve our market-leading processes to provide the highest quality PET flake to our customers.


We will ensure all of our PET materials are traceable to their source, providing complete transparency through the process.


We aim to create a sustainable world through our recycling operations and minimise environmental harm.

Person working with scales in lab
rPET being weighed
Person working in lab
Recycled plastic on tray in lab
Clear hot washed flake on tray
rPET in bags