rPET Advantages

Pro Environmental Recycling Solutions operates the most innovative, progressive rPET plant in the UK.

rPET Advantages

PET plastic bottles are 100% completely recyclable, which supports our push towards sustainability. Having a completely sustainable product both as a company selling products and as a customer purchasing PET bottles gives you full peace of mind.

Under heightened corporate sustainability targets, PET is an attractive product because it is both sustainable and also safe to use in food and beverage packaging.

rPET plastic once recycled, actually has a lower carbon footprint than the first time, non-recycled PET. This is why it’s so desirable for major brands to be using this product in order to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Household consumer brand names such as Nestle and Coca Cola have a high standard and an example to set for the rest of the industry. It’s important a sustainable resource such as PET is utilised for the future and that big brands are leading the awareness and education.

Health and safety is also a key concern within the industry so a robust product such as PET that provides a safe, hygienic, sustainable future is a safe, profitable and most importantly ethical choice.

PET is also lighter than many alternative raw materials such as glass, giving a further reduction in carbon emissions and positioning itself as the number one choice for the FMCG market.